Arkansans Organizing 4 Justice

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January 25, 2012


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Dear (name & title of politician – ex. Mr. Smith):

I am writing this letter, along with thousands of other men and women imprisoned all across this country, to try to ask you to consider your support for the sentence of life and life without the possibility of parole; what we in prison call “the other death penalty.”

The truth is that life and life without parole IS the death penalty, but of a much more protracted and cruel nature.  I am on “death row” now, but I haven’t received the procedural safeguards those sentenced to death by execution are guaranteed.  Instead, I am condemned to death by incarceration without any heightened scrutiny of my conviction, or the circumstances surrounding the crime for which I was sentenced to this lone, slow death.

Surely, everyone in this country should, at least, have a chance at rehabilitation, a chance to remake their life.  It is a part of our cultural heritage.

In your future dealings with crime and punishment, I ask that you consider a different approach, one that allows for the possibility that all humans retain within themselves the spark of redemption.  Life and life without parole are, ultimately a denial of humanity.

Thank you for your consideration.



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